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Today I met some hard working Kindergarten students in North Carolina. They do not take naps and they are learning all day long.

I learned something about the school system in North Carolina that I did not know. I did not know that students started school at the age of 5 there. This was the students first experience in a classroom. Imagine, it is your first year of school, and you are skyping someone from a different state. How cool is that!!! Kindergarten was a much different experience for me. We colored and played house. We didn’t get down to business till 1st grade.

Today I got the opportunity to read Chicka Chicka Boom by John Archambault and Bill Martin Jr. I told the students that I would show them a picture of me with my own children with John Archambault and I totally forgot because I was so excited talking about our favorite books.

After reading Chicka Chicka Boom Boom we talked about what our favorite books are and our favorite authors. Ms. Kidd and I found out that we both love Robert Munsch books. My favorite new book by Robert Munsch is Boo. It is perfect for Halloween time. Take a look at our awesome experience together.

Comments on: "Working Hard in Kindergarten" (2)

  1. Computer Jones said:

    That’s one of our K classes at Caleb’s Creek. It was soooo cool to see where they had Skyped you. That class is awesome and they all know a lot about tech in the 21st Century. Thanks for adding them to your blog.

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