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Cover of "The Homework Machine"

Cover of The Homework Machine

Perspective changes everything.  This was a lesson that I definitely learned yesterday.  I started off my day in Tennessee where all of the kids were wearing short-sleeved t-shirts.  When I asked them what the temperature was like they said that it was cold.  I wanted to know what cold was like in Tennessee, so I asked for a specific temperature.  The teacher mentioned that it gets to about 75 degrees during the day.  Here in Wisconsin that is a gorgeous day.

Then I headed up to Chippewa Falls, WI and I asked them about the weather and they said that it was really warm.  I asked them to give me a number as well and they said that it was in the 50’s.  It is amazing how 75 is cold in one area of the country and a heat wave in another part.  It just goes to show that different people’s perspectives change everything.

I had the wonderful opportunity to share the book Boo by Robert Munsch to Ms. O’Brien’s computer class in Springfield, Tennessee.  They definitely seemed interested.  I was having a problem with my Skype and wasn’t able to show the pictures, but the voice that is present in Robert Munsch’s writing is soooo incredible that it doesn’t seem to matter too much.

After hanging out with Ms. O’Brien’s class I got to go back to one of my favorite schools in Chippewa Falls, WI.  This school is so awesome.  They really seem on board with 21st Century skills.  This is the 4th time that I got to read books to a classroom at this school and absolutely love visiting every single time.

Mr. Merconti’s classroom was filled with a lot of eager 5th graders that love to read.  It is so much fun being around a group of students like this.  I had asked if anyone had read The Homework Machine in the class and two students had raised their hand.  At the end of the session of being with them, I asked how many students wanted to read this book every single hand shot up.

Since I know that libraries very rarely have enough copies for an entire class, I mentioned some other places that kids could go to get a copy of the book.  We talked about the local library, school library, bookstore, Amazon, or PaperBackSwap.  PaperBackSwap is an online way to give away your old books in exchange for the books that you would like to read.  I am personally a member and have enjoyed using this service.  All I have to do on my part is list books I want to give away and then mail them to people who want them.  I put books on a wish list and when the books become available I accept that I still want it and they are magically delivered to me.  I totally love it.

Watch the videos below to see the interactions that I had with both of these wonderful classrooms.

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  1. […] I discovered Joanne Kaminski’s Skype Reading Tutor blog after she started following @ReadingTub on Twitter.  [she is @SkypeReadTutor] What I love about Joanne’s blog is how she shares her experiences tutoring kids online. She offers some details about the books she’s reading, but also adds personal context of that particular session. Like the day she asked kids in Tennessee and Wisconsin about the weather. [How Perspective Changes Everything] […]

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