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A 2 month old goat kid in a field of capeweed.

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How can a goat make a difference in the lives of others?  I mean, aren’t goats those pesky animals that you see at the zoo that are just begging to be fed?  Well, today I had the awesome opportunity to read the book Beatrice’s Goat to a group of 2nd graders in Pennsylvania.  As I was reading the book, there is a part where the children taste the goat’s sweet milk.  I asked the students where they get milk and a wonderful boy named Collin said, “We get milk from the store.”  He then went through the whole process of how milk was taken from cows, processed, bottled and delivered to our supermarkets.  I asked him how he knew so much and he said that it was because they have been studying this.

This wonderful class is earning money to buy 2 Goats for Africa.  Every time the children get their spelling words correct their teacher Mr. Snyder puts money into the Goats for Africa fund.  Collin was very excited about it and told me that his class is going to do it.  They are going to earn 2 goats.  So far they have earned $10 and each goat costs $120.

I am so proud of this group of students and this teacher.  When I was teaching 3rd and 4th grade I used to give my students Kaminski bucks that they could spend in the school store.  This teacher has gone above and beyond that.  He is inspiring children to think of others before thinking of themselves.  He is teaching them how education is a gift.  He is making his teaching with these students a global experience.  We are blessed to have educators like Mr. Snyder in our school system.

Listen to Beatrice’s Goat and see if this is something that inspires you as much as it inspires me.

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