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Thanksgiving is a Way of Life

Cover of "Thanksgiving Turkey Trouble (Re...

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For me Thanksgiving is a way of life.  I remember one of my favorite times growing up.  It was sitting around the Thanksgiving table and each of us sharing what we were thankful for in the past year.  I really did not know how to be thankful, other than this simple tradition.

It seems that students today are very thankful and this is definitely true for the students in Jan Wells classroom in Kansas.  This 4th grade group of students knows what is important.  When they were asked the question about what they are grateful for they mentioned some of the most important things.  They said friends, family, food, house, and many other things.

Today, my family gets to experience the Thanksgiving tradition of being grateful on a weekly basis.  It is amazing how when this is an ongoing tradition at meal time how deep kids can get.  Last year my 2 year old daughter said that she was thankful for her swim teacher.  Today I am grateful for all of the little moments that I get to spend with my kids, the students of the world, and the students that I tutor.  I used to say that Life doesn’t get any better than this, but it just keeps getting better.

I had so much fun talking about things that we are thankful for and reading the first chapter of the book Thanksgiving Turkey Trouble.  This is one of the books by Abby Klein in her Ready Freddy series.  Kids love books from the Ready Freddy series because they can relate to the characters and the situations that they get themselves into.  Take a look at Jan’s amazing group of 4th graders.

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