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Bear Snores On

Image by Holtsman via Flickr

I just read a story to a group of children today that are doing an author study on Karma Wilson. I personally have the book Bear Snores On, but I have never read any of Karma Wilson’s other books. I started looking at her titles and was automatically motivated to check out her books.

So, this afternoon I went to the library. I think I might have a problem with books, because I checked out 10 of her books. I can’t wait to read them to my own children tonight before they all go to bed.

This was kind of a backwards situation for me. Usually I am the one that is motivating children to read because it is my most favorite thing to do in the world. Today, Mr. Fines wonderful group of Kindergarten students in Montana motivated me to read.

Today must have been backwards day, because in the book that I read to the students, Bear Snores On, one of of the students said that the book ended kind of backwards. And this wonderful student was right. All throughout this story Bear is sleeping and the text keeps repeating, “But bear snored on.” At the end of the book Bear is awake and all of the animals snore on.

Mr. fine’s students are such a bright bunch of kids. They are in Kindergarten and already doing some pretty complicated thinking while listening to books. Listening Comprehension is one of the biggest skills to develop in Kindergarten and this teacher is doing a wonderful job.

At the end of our time together this brilliant class sang an alphabet song to me that I had never heard of. They had wonderful hand gestures and lovely singing voices. As they sang, I danced and completely enjoyed myself. I am so grateful to have met this wonderful class and can’t wait to read to them again.

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