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Germany Connections

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Today I had the wonderful opportunity to connect with a classroom of 7 students in Germany.  After I presented at the Global Educator’s Conference Reinhard Marx contacted me regarding skyping with some students who were learning to speak English.  Our first session was today and we had the opportunity to connect and introduce ourselves very successfully.

However, as soon as I tried to share my screen and show that I am from Sussex, WI and show how far that is from Germany, the connection failed and we were unable to get it back up again.  So, the lesson that I learned is I cannot screen share with Germany.  They are going to see if that is something that can be fixed.  You never know what you need to think of until you are actually using it.  So, now we have some time to problem solve before our next Skype.

It was wonderful seeing all of the students from Germany.  Most of them were in 9th grade, around the age of 15, and just like the kids in U.S their favorite subject is Gym/PE.  There were even some art lovers in the crowd.  The students were very prepared for the visit and introduced themselves.  They wrote down in English on a piece of paper what their names were, their grade, age, favorite subjects, and hobbies.   Then they read what they had written.

Each of the students had an opportunity to introduce themselves before our connection failed.  In the back of the room Reinhard’s 11 year old daughter was present.  She is also learning some English and she has been wanting to meet someone who speaks English to practice her English.

When Reinhard got home he called me and our connection was perfect.  His daughter was with him and two of my daughter’s were with me.  We were able to introduce each other.  My 8 year old daughter and his daughter are going to become skyping friends as a result.  On Saturday mornings Reinhard’s daughter and my daughter are going to talk with each other.  Katelyn is going to teach some English to Paulina and Paulina is going to teach some German to Katelyn.  What an amazing opportunity for both of them.

I am positive that the next Skype will be even better!  Have a great week and keep skyping everyone.  You never know what amazing people you will meet.

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  1. I love it! Thank you for sharing this experience. It is very inspiring for us as we embark on our international Skype classroom-to-classroom project with our students!

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