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General map of Germany, English version

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When does one get the opportunity to see the inside of a school in a foreign country?  Probably not everyday.  Well, yesterday I got a tour of a school in Germany from one of my skyping friends Helena.  She is15 years old and practicing her English through books from the United States.  We specifically have been working on her listening skills and verbal skills with a group of other 15 year old kids in her grade.

Her teacher decided to walk around the school with a laptop and a microphone.  This gave her the opportunity to authentically practice her English.  It was a great experience for both of us.  I got to see the wonderful artwork all over the walls that the students had painted.  She also showed me rooms with Smartboards and computers.

One thing that was really interesting was that the students do not have lockers.  Their parents have a choice to purchase a box, that almost looks like a P.O box for their child to put their books in.  There were no lockers.  I bet this cuts down on kids just hanging out by their locker.

The tour was after school, and just like schools here in America their were teachers still fast at work.  There were after school activities like choir, music, and the press.  When we went to the music room I was serenaded with a German welcome song.  There were some students hanging out after school writing about their Mardi Gras events.

All in all, the school looked like a typical high school.  Desks seemed to be arranged either in groups or rows.  Computers were in the back of the room or around the perimeter.  If you would take this school and place it anywhere in the United States, it probably wouldn’t stand out as much different than any other school, except for the fact that it didn’t have lockers.  It is amazing how much more alike we are to other countries, vs. how different we are.  Hmmm… I wonder what a school in China looks like.  I can’t wait to continue my skyping adventures and see where it brings me.

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