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Mr. Snyder from PA invited me to read to his wonderful class again.

I love getting to see these students.  They are very special to my heart. 

Their teacher is motivating them to do well in their spelling by putting money towards a goat.  When they do well on a test, more money is given towards a goat that will be given to a family so that they can have a sustainable income.  These kiddos are just $5 away and they just received a coupon to buy one goat, get one goat free.  So, they will be able to help two families for the price of one.  I love it.

These students are learning about mailmen right now and read a book called Goodbye, Curtis by Kevin Hankes.  This book is about a mailman who has worked 42 years as a mailman and it is his last day before he retires.  I was invited to read a book about mailmen and I chose The Mailman’s Hat by Kittly Higgins.

The students and I were able to talk about mailmen and compare and contrast the two books.  I always love to think aloud as I am reading and at one point I had made an I wonder… statement.  One of the students had mentioned that he was wondering the same thing.  I love it.  I love listening to kids and seeing how they are connecting with the stories that I read.  One of the things that the students noticed was that in Goodbye, Curtis the mailman did not wear a hat.  I was able to think about the mail woman in my neighborhood and mention that she too does not wear a hat.  Some of them do, and some of them don’t.  It was a great connection.  The more that students can compare and contrast and make connections, the more prepared they will be to actually understand and comprehend what they are reading.  Keep thinking aloud everyone!!

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