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Today was a super exciting day for me.  I got to meet not only some amazing first graders and their teacher Ms. Bitka, but also their newly hatched baby chicks.  These wonderful first graders in Lockport, New York were given 24 eggs from a local farmer that also is a teacher and shares her farm with the local schools.

The students were very excited to show me their baby chicks and I am not sure which was cuter, the baby chick, or the little girl holding the chick.  One of the chicks was a typical yellow chick and the other chick was black.  No matter what their color, they were super duper cute.  It makes you want to keep them forever, but after you learn that they only stay a baby chick for five weeks, you quickly realize that probably isn’t a good idea.  On top of that, their peeps are going nonstop.  I absolutely loved the sound in the classroom, but wouldn’t want to hear it all the time in my home.

I read the book A Chick Grows Up by Pam Zollman.  This is a fantastic non-fiction book written for a younger audience that goes through the life cycle of a baby chick from egg to hen or rooster.  We also learned that there are other birds that go through this same process.  Some other birds include geese, peacocks, turkeys, and ducks.

I absolutely loved the excitement in Ms. Bitka’s classroom.  These kids were excited about learning, excited about their chicks, and excited about having the Skyping Reading Tutor in their classroom.  I love that I was able to share in this excitement with them and I can’t wait to see them again.

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  1. Heather Bitka said:

    Thank you for reading to us. We learned a lot about baby chicks. We would love for you to see one in person BUT we also learned that we are close to you on the computer but really VERY far away from you!!

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