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A kindergarten classroom in Afghanistan.

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Yesterday I had a very interesting contact with a man in India.  Usually the people that I connect with on Skype are teachers or my own students.  However, now that Skype has their Skype in the classroom feature, people are making connections with me that are not teachers.  So, as with anything on the internet, be careful with this feature Skype offers.

With my permission a man named Sebastion from India gave me a call.  He began explaining how he uses Skype with children to make money.  He uses children to bring tourism to his area, teach English speaking skills online, and sing at birthday parties.

To bring tourism to his area he has children use Skype and has them chat with people across the globe.  Then when people decide to visit their area, they take part in daily rituals and ceremonies.  His premise is the make friends with people around the world and to treat them like family, all for a fee of course.

Another endeavor that this man is involved with is having students, as young a 5th and 6th grade, teaching English speaking skills online.  Here is how he has stated it

Anyone who wants to improve conversation skills can join the “LEO-Learn English Online” of eBalajanasakhyam.
School students with reasonable fluency in English language can join eBalajanasakhyam to “TEO-Teach English Online” to Earn While They Learn

A video by CNN is included below to see this in action.

His latest endeavor is to have Kindergarten children sing Happy Birthday at your Birthday Party.  For a fee, you can have very young children from India sing to your child at his/her Birthday party.  Then you can send these young children, toys, candy, or a small fee.

Different cultures have different rules and expectations of online practices.  In the United States we have child labor laws which prevent children from making money online.  However, this is not something that is practiced all over the world.

This entire experience has brought to light for me a whole new world view.  I even began thinking about my own beliefs and where they come from.  My beliefs (right, wrong, or indifferent) come from my parents, my society, and my experiences.  If any one of these things change, then my beliefs change.  I am not writing this blog entry to spout what my beliefs are about what this man is doing.  Who am I to judge?  However, he is definitely someone that I would not do business with.  The biggest reasons are because my beliefs are just different.  What are your thoughts?

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