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Every Thursday the Skyping Reading Tutor, Joanne Kaminski, is a parenting expert on a blog talk radio show called the Total Education Hour.  I have an entire week to think of a great question.  My question this week was, where can you find great books to read for your children over the summer.

There are so many fantastic places to go to get great books and I am going to list my top ten here.  My first suggestion is to take a look at the summer reading list that your school or current teacher may give you.  This will give you a good starting point of books to look for.  Once you have that list you can go to the following places to get them.

  1. The library – Who can beat free?  Some libraries are connected with other local libraries and all you have to do is go to your computer, request the book, they call you when it is ready, and you pick it up.
  2. School library – many school libraries are open in the summer and allow you to check out books.
  3. Ebooks – Reading an e-book doesn’t feel the same as reading a regular book and some kids enjoy this.  Many books come for free in an ebook format.  Check it out.
  4. Local Bookstore – Support your local bookstore.  These wonderful little treasures are becoming less and less due to bigger stores like Barnes and Noble and Amazon.
  5. Bookswap with a friend – have your child make a list of all of the books that he/she has and switch lists with a friend.  The kids can recommend books to each other and enjoy books for free.
  6. Bookswap online – These are great fun.  If you list 10 books you get free credits.  People start asking you to send books to them and all you pay is media shipping, which is less than regular shipping.  Whenever you want a book, type in the title and see if one of the members has it.  It is as easy as that.
  7. Rummage sales – you will always find bestsellers at rummage sales because that is what people are reading.
  8. Goodwill – Many people just donate their books to the Goodwill.  Check out their selection.
  9. Amazon – I usually try looking for books in all of the other places first and if I can’t find there, then I go to Amazon, put it in my shopping cart and pay for my books after I have reached the $25 mark.  I rarely need a book immediately and it is always a sweet surprise to see what I have selected when I reach the point to purchase.

Enjoy this great tool for where to get great books for the summer for your child (or yourself).  Happy Reading and listen to The Total Education Network.

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    • I agree completely. During the winter this year, when tutoring services would have been cancelled due to snow storms, my students were able to continue and make great progress. There are so many advantages to tutoring via skype.
      1. Save on gas
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      I just had a new student today and she said, “This is so awesome!” She loved every second and we were just doing an assessment. How many kids love to get tested?

  2. With more people and students having access to the Internet including the use of ipads and iphones, more students will have easy access to online tutoring. Yes, one on one tutoring has its advantages, but online tutoring has its own advantages as well which the previous post has mentioned.

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