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At this point we have seen how increasing vocabulary and improving reading fluency can get in the way of understanding what we are reading. Today we are going to take a look some more reading tips on how not reading a word correctly can get in the way of not understanding what you are reading. Then you will learn how review words with your child in order to increase their reading comprehension.

As you know by now I like to provide you with real examples so that you can see how not knowing how to pronounce a word can detract from the meaning of the text. This example is also from Hello, Mrs. Piggle Wiggle by Betty MacDonald.

Just then Mr. Carmody’s car turned into the driveway. Immediately Phillip jumped up into the wotbin and yelled, “Watch me, Dad. I’m goin’ to stand on my head in the wotbinow. I’m go to stand on my head and say the alphabet basteds.

Are you able to get a good visual picture of what is happening in the story? I know that I can’t. I’m missing a critical piece of information in order to understand what the paragraph is about. I need to know what Phillip is standing in and I can’t figure out that word. I also don’t know what he is doing with the alphabet. I am so lost at this point in the book that I don’t even want to continue reading. But look at all of the words that I got correct. I was able to read 40 other words. I only messed up on three, but it has severely gotten in the way of my understanding of the text.

There is a simple solution to this. Write down on a piece of paper the words that your child does not read correctly. If you have tried the “Try it Again” strategy and he/she still does not know the word, put it in a word collection notebook. You can review how to read some of these words before your child reads again. I usually have about 10 words that I am working with my students that I tutor in reading at a time. As a reading tutor I never want to have more than that because it is too overwhelming for the child. You may even find that 5 words is better. It really depends on the child.

As time goes on your child will be able to read more and more words, just like they now know the meanings of more and more words and are reading more and more sentences correctly. Great work sticking with this process and creating a better reader, it is totally worth it.

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