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What is a blog

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I had the most interesting conversation with a group of 3rd graders in Tescott, Kansas this morning.  Our conversation turned into the different things that we read today.  I started mentioning the many different things that I read such as books, ebooks, blogs, e-mails and texts.  When I mentioned blogs, one of the students asked what blog is. So, I started explaining what a blog is and then I remembered that I write a blog.  It is really funny when I remember that I write a blog, you will have to watch the video.

So, I start to tell the students about my blog and how I write about the interactions that I have with schools through Skype and reading in their classrooms.  When I mentioned that they would have to read about themselves on my blog, they thought that was pretty cool.

As an educator it donned on me that even though our students are born into this decade of technology, they don’t always know what all of it is for or how to use it.  I have learned how to use these tools on my own since they did not exist when I went to school, but I think back on it and realize how much easier it would have been if someone had taught me how to do it.  I not only love writing on my own blog, but I also love reading other people’s blogs and responding to them.  I think that it is so cool that we can communicate with people from all over the world through simple tools like blogs and Skype.  I absolutely love it!!!

Check out the video to see this amazing group of students.

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