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Our World Really is Changing

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So I was taking a look at this link and it really put into perspective for me how our world is changing at the global level.  To think that the computer has completely revolutionized the way we socialize, purchase items, share photography, and learn.  It is not something that I could have envisioned 15 years ago when I graduated high school where we didn’t even have any computers in the classroom.

In fact, when I was going through my teacher certification classes it was not required that we even take a computer class.  I feel like I am dating myself and I am only 34 years old.  I am in awe that teaching and learning have gone through such huge changes during the end of last decade and the current decade.

I have always had a huge interest in technology since my inception to it and have always had thoughts of how to motivate kids to read with it.  The link above shows how many minutes people are spending on skype.  It is mesmerizing to me that now people can connect all over the world for free.  Connecting with people from other countries was not something that I would have ever thought of doing when I was a kid.  (I remember one time calling a 1-800 number to talk to the roadrunner and I got in a lot of trouble.)

Now people can use Skype to learn.  I am one example of someone who is doing this.  I have chosen to digitize the resources that I would use in a one on one session with students and use Skype as a venue to teach reading.  Many people can’t fathom how I would go about this process and I completely see where they are coming from.   Ten years ago I certainly couldn’t have fathomed it either.

Today I met one of my students that I have been working with for the past month.  We happen to go to the same church and we met for the first time via Skype.  The family told me that I am a celebrity in their home.  What an interesting concept.  Can you imagine how education could change if students saw their teachers as celebrities?

I have seen this wonderful little girl make huge improvements in her reading and I feel honored to have the opportunity to work with her.  It is awesome being able to work with children all over the country and I am looking forward to expanding my horizan and working with children all over the world.


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