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How Did Libraries Begin?

Benjamin Franklin

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Guess what?  My favorite place in the whole entire world is the library.  When I walk into a library I feel a special energy.  It is a feeling like I am at home.  (Maybe that is because I have surrounded myself with books all over my home).  Anybody who knows me, knows about my passion for books.  They know how much I like to read, how much I like to learn, and how much I like to share reading with others.

But, did you know how the library was actually started?  I didn’t until I read the book Benjamin Franklin to a group of 3rd graders yesterday in Alpharetta, Georgia in Ms. Shields class.  Benjamin Franklin loved reading and he thought that books were something that needed to be available for everyone, not just people that could afford them.  So he made the suggestion to start a place where people could go to check out books and return them.  And so, the Library Company of Philadelphia was born in 1732.  Another library had been established in Boston prior to this, so he was not the founder of the idea, but he certainly had a big part in it.

When we think of Benjamin Franklin, usually the first thing that we think of is electricity or the Declaration of Independence.  But just think, I owe Benjamin Franklin a lot.  It is amazing how one person can make such a difference in not only the lives of the people surrounding them, but for generations to come as well.

I bet that Benjamin Franklin had as much energy as the students in Ms. Shields class had when he was 9 or 10.  These kids were so great.  They had a billion questions and loved talking to someone on Skype.  They happened to notice all of the books that I have in my office and they were quite impressed.  Like I said, I love books, and love to keep them surrounding me as much as possible.

I read the first two chapters of the book Benjamin Franklin an American Genius to these students because they were learning about electricity.  These students already were familiar with Franklin’s experiment with the kite.  The book that I happened to read to them was a graphic novel that had wonderful pictures and side conversations to enhance the book.  These new graphic novels by Capstone are wonderful.  They bring history and comic books together to make learning fun and engaging.

The video below is a ten minute excerpt of this graphic novel.  Enjoy!

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