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Just Tutored on an iPad

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I get the wonderful opportunity to work with some amazing families that are extremely resilient.  My wonderful student Julia’s dad was out of town and took the laptop with him that Julia uses for tutoring.  Her amazing mom, thought about how she could solve this conundrum.  She came up with setting up her iPad. She connected her system to Skype, gave me a call, and we had a regular session together.

I was so amazed.  I had never envisioned myself tutoring a child in reading over an iPad.  The concept just blows my mind away.  Just 2 years ago, this concept would not have even been possible.  I personally wouldn’t suggest tutoring over anything smaller than an iPad because it would be difficult to see the words.  An iPad however, was just right.

For me, there wasn’t anything that I had to do differently to tutor Julia.  After her mom had everything set up for Julia, there wasn’t anything different that Julia had to do either.  She got to take her iPad to a quiet spot, lay down with a comfy blanket, and continue to get better at reading.

I love what I do and experiences like this have me loving it even more.  I am so grateful to be able to tutor children in reading from the comfort of my own home and keep as much of a balanced life as possible with three kids and a dog.

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