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Spring in North Carolina and Wisconsin

Map of North Carolina

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It is officially Spring.  The calendar recognizes it, but Wisconsin doesn’t really observe it until May.

Today I had the wonderful opportunity to find out what Spring is like in North Carolina.  I heard Kindergarten students in Ms. Kidds class talk about dandelions, flowers, mowing the grass, and buds on trees.  These are visions that will have to be on hold for me until next month.

I had mentioned that it was 40 degrees outside and that is really warm for us compared to what it has been.  Ms. Kidd had said that they don’t even go outside if it is 40 degrees because that is way too cold.

So, what was the temperature in North Carolina?  Well, it was a wonderful 75 degrees.  A temperature that I can only dream about in the summer.  We actually may have 70 degrees this weekend, but it is not the normal temperature for this time of year.

Today I read a non-fiction book called Spring is Here by Shaun Taylor.  In this book there is a caterpillar that is eating a leaf.  I asked the students why the caterpillar was eating a leaf and he said because it was hungry.  I just love kids responses.  They are great.  I responded that that made me think of The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle because the caterpillar in that story is very hungry.  How cool that in a Kindergarten class we were able to make a text to text connection.  I think all of the students in that class were familiar with that book and could relate to that connection.

When I read books to kids I love to ask questions and hear their responses.  I love to get them thinking about what they are listening to.  Listening comprehension is a skill that needs to be developed just as much as reading comprehension.  In fact, it is important to develop this skill before and while kids learn to read.  Kids need to understand that reading is about making meaning and if making meaning is not happening, then there is no point.

Ms. Kidd had her wonderful students all where tie dyed t-shirts with there names on them.  It was so wonderful.  I love being to call on kids by their name.  She also had her students come up to the front of the room when they wanted to share information with me.  It was absolutely wonderful.  It is amazing that these kindergarten students are learning such important communication skills.  What a great tool Skype is.  Thank you Ms. Kidd for allowing me to share time with your class and do what I love to do best.  Read books to kids.

You may be wondering how you can have the Skyping Reading Tutor come to your class.  It is pretty simple.  It is free and all you have to do is fill out a registration form.  From there I will let you know when I have an opening and you will let me know if you are available.  Until then, keep skyping.

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