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Skyping Reading Tutor Learned about Handball and Legos in Denmark


Image by Mundoo via Flickr

It was 4:10 am when my alarm woke me up this morning and I enthusiastically rushed out of bed for a special group of students.  After taking a shower and having a fresh pot of coffee, I went down to my office and skyped with some students in Ms. Lisbeth Hansen’s class in Baekke, Denmark.  It was 11:30 am their time and 4:30 am  my time.

At first our skype session was looking like it might not happen.  Ms. Hansen’s voice was going in and out and it was difficult to understand what she was saying.  Then she switched computers and we had a better connection.  She had her students practice their English speaking skills by preparing information about Denmark.  It was a wonderful experience.

These students are very proud of where they are from and it definitely shone in their presentation.  They told me that handball originated in Denmark and asked if the U.S.A had a handball team.  I told that I had actually not known a lot about the sport and was not sure if we did.  I was interested to find out if we did and as soon as we were done with our session I found out that the U.S.A does have an Olympic team.

It looks like an amazing sport.  It is very fast paced and has a lot of rules.  Some of the students in Ms. Hansen’s class have made some videos about the rules of handball.  I am including one of those videos at the bottom for everyone to take a look at.

I also learned that Legos were invented in Denmark.  Ole Kirk Christansen invented them in 1932 in his toy shop.  Fifteen years later he discovered that plastic made this toy even better and he began making and manufacturing them.

Learning things about other countries was never this much fun when I was in school.  Maybe it was because the things that I learned seemed like useless facts.  However, learning about Legos and Handball from these sixth graders gave meaning to the experience.  The students were excited to share details about their country and teach others.  Usually students in other countries are shy to speak a different language to native language speakers, but these students did an amazing job.  When you get a chance you have to check out the Handball video.

Danish Handball #2 from SNskole on Vimeo.

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