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Reading to Your Child is the Simplest Yet Most Important Thing You Do Together

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Teaching a child to read and to love reading is perhaps the most important learning related thing you can do for your child. Reading is necessary for nearly anything your child might want to do with his or her life, and a strong reader can use reading to learn about anything they might wish to learn about. Give reading the priority is deserves in your home and you will raise a competent reader who loves to read.

Make your home reader friendly. Be sure to take the time to read things that you enjoy and let your children know about it. Leading by example is much more effective than lecturing your child on the importance of reading. Make a wide variety of books available to your child right from the start. Simply having books in your home for babies and young children to look at is an excellent start. If finances are an issue for you, a visit to your local library is in order. You will be able to check out lots of great books for children and adults for free. Even if you have books at home already you have purchased, consider using the library to add more variety to your collection of books.

Read to your children everyday from birth. As your child grows older you can read together as he or she learns to read, and eventually have them read to you. But when you have babies and very young children, the best thing you can do for them is read to them and make it a fun experience. Your local library can also help with this. Many libraries hold regular story times for children of all ages. Attending story time is another chance to expose your child to more reading, and good children’s librarians will read books in a very animated and engaging way.

The books you or your child choose are important. Share favorite books you loved reading as a child and your excitement will be evident to your child. Just as important as reading to your child is impressing upon them the joys of reading. Allow your child to visit bookstores and the library and choose books about the things that they love. What you read about isn’t as important as simply reading, and choosing books that you and your child enjoy will make reading something your child looks forward to doing.

Partner with your child’s teacher and choose books that relate to what your child is learning in school. You will be helping your child do well in school by reinforcing the concepts they are working on, while simultaneously practicing reading skills.

Be sure to allow your baby or child to participate in reading the story. When your baby or toddler points to pictures in the story be sure to encourage them by talking about what they see and asking questions. Ask young emerging readers to participate in reading familiar stories, perhaps asking them to fill in when they have read the story many times before. You will know your young child is beginning to understand what books are all about when they begin to follow along with the story and can take you through their favorite books and tell you about the story.

Raising a reader is not complicated. All it takes it a commitment to make reading a part of every day life, and making sure books are always available to your child. Once you get into a routine of reading often, it will become second nature to you, and you will be on the road to raising a great reader.

Submitted by Sarah Morris of Primrose Schools- child care with high early education standards.


Reading Acceleration Star Student

Each month I will be featuring a star student that has made exceptional progress on his or her reading level.  This is Julia and she has definitely made some amazing progress in her reading ability.

Back in October of 2010 Julia’s mom gave me a call because her daughter seemed to not be reading as fast as the other kids in her grade level.  She had mentioned that she had received Reading Recovery instruction in 1st grade, but for whatever reason it didn’t help her get to grade level.  She had mentioned that the teachers thought she was reading at a Kindergarten level in 2nd grade.

As any parent would feel, this is devastating news.  No one wants to hear that their child is performing significantly below grade level.  Julia’s mom found one of my advertisements and gave me a call.

After the call, we set up a time for a free assessment.  I found that Julia was a very confident little girl who enjoyed reading.  Her mom had mentioned that she was usually reluctant to read and was afraid of failing.  Essentially her morale and self-confidence were at stake.  (Which is the case for most students that are struggling with reading).

Julia had a burning desire to read the books that her peers were reading.  She set a wishing goal of being able to read Frog and Toad Books and Junie B. Jones books.  At the time I felt that the Frog and Toad goal could be met by November and that she could meet the Junie B. Jones goal by January.  Some people may have seen this as very tough goals to reach since Julia was only reading with me for one hour a week, but what I do is more than just reading tutoring.  I provide reading accerlation.

You may be asking what the difference is between reading tutoring and reading acceleration.  Reading tutoring can be provided by anyone who has more knowledge in reading.  It could be an older student, a college kid, even a past teacher.  All of these people may be qualified to provide reading tutoring.  This is really helpful if a student is only a few months behind grade level.  However, when a child is 1 or more grade levels behind their peers, then they need reading acceleration.  This is something that is going to help a child move very quickly in a short amount of time.  This entails deliberate teaching with a great foundational knowledge of the reading process.  Reading acceleration can be performed by someone who has knowledge of phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary development.  Also, reading acceleration needs to be performed by someone who can build a report with kids quickly.  If a child likes you and trusts you, then he/she will work very hard for you and make significant gains.

So, back to Julia.  Julia met each of her goals.  She was reading Frog and Toad books by November and has just finished her 2nd Junie B. Jones book right on schedule.  She was able to start the first one in January just as planned.

When I started working with Julia she was a very confident little girl.  She has now built on that confidence and her teachers have informed her mom that she is reading on grade level.  Julia was a student that needed acceleration vs. tutoring and she got just that.  She always has a smile on her face and is willing to read whatever is put in front of her.  She is going to continue reading with me over the summer to ensure that she is not effected by summer slide.  When she is in 3rd grade she will be able to read whatever her peers are reading and take the WKCE in November without a problem.  I foresee that this little girl that was pronounced to be reading 2 grade levels below her peers will be proficient on this test.  All of the students that I have worked with have fallen into the proficient range regardless of where they started when I began working with them.

I am so proud of Julia and the amazing progress that has made and will continue to make.  It is because of smiling faces like hers that I continue to do what I love to do best.  Teach kids how to read.

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