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Mangos Please

What a fabulous experience I had today in Tallahassee, FL. I was able to visit a technology school with Ms. Gainous. It was about 40 degrees for me and 60 degrees for them. There were two 3rd grade classrooms present during this experience, along with the Principal. I have to give my props to this school. They just got Promethean boards last year and already during year 2 they are skyping. Rock on!

When I was teaching in the classroom, we had one smartboard for our school. It did not get much use and I didn’t even find out that we had it until I became a Reading Specialist and was no longer teaching my own class. It seemed like it was being used as a fancy transparency tool. Now, classrooms like Ms. Gainous have the awesome opportunity to turn the Promethean board/smartboard into a portal to the world. Education is changing and I have to tell you, it is changing for the good.

Today I read Stellaluna to this amazing classroom and in the book Stellaluna tastes a mango. I had never tasted a mango before, but apparently mango’s grow in Florida and just about all of the children had eaten mangoes. That is really cool! One day I will taste a mango and I will be thinking of the kids in Tallahassee Florida that get to experience that way more frequently than I do.

Take a look at our journey together below.

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