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A Wonderful Surprise from Port Hardy, BC, Canada

I had the most wonderful surprise awaiting me when I woke up this morning.  A group of students not only read one of their favorite books to me, but they made a video of it for tons and tons of other people to enjoy.

Ms. Soltau-Heller had her students read Jillian Jigs by Phoebe Gilman.  I love when kids read books, but I love it more when I am introduced to a new wonderful author.  I had never heard of this book or the author, so it was even more fun than you could ever imagine.

This teacher had mentioned that she had never done anything like this before and you absolutely can’t tell.  It is amazing.  She had the whole class choral read the repetitive phrase in the book and individual students read the pages.  All of the kids had an amazing part in this creation and she did a wonderful job.  I have yet to go into a classroom where there has not been amazing teaching practices going on.  I am so honored to still be in classrooms all over the world via my computer and Skype.

What an inspiring 1st grade class.  This class is filled with amazing readers.  Who knows maybe some of them will become famous actors.  We shall see.  Only time will tell.  Anyway check out their wonderful video reading Jillian Jigs.

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