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Feeling a Little Sleepy Today

Well, I am feeling a little sleepy today, it must be because I was in Sleepy Eye, Minnesota with a wonderful 4th grade class. When I was first in communication with the teacher of this classroom I noticed this neat name and she began explaining that the name of her town was because of the Chief Indian Sleepy Eye. I thought wow, that is really cool. When I got into the classroom today, a wonderful student let me know the same piece of information.

After chit-chatting with the students in Sleepy Eye, we had the wonderful opportunity to do a lesson the reading strategy visualization. This is an important tool that we utilize when reading. I always compare it to making a movie inside of our heads. I had the students draw pictures of what I was reading and through the following video we were able to compare the authors pictures with the students pictures.

Check it out!


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